RE-Elect councilwoman marilyn parker for metro council district 18


  • Funded more police recruits
  • Funded enhanced training
  • Funded advanced technology to catch criminal and deter crime


  • Improving oversight & accountability
  • Prioritizes spending for measurable outcomes rather than raising taxes
  • Refused government pension saving taxpayers thousands every year
  • Prioritizes budget to support police and public safety needs


  • Worked to stop job killing regulations
  • Support policies and legislation that supports small business


Work, Personal and Professional History

I have served on the Louisville Metro Council for 3 terms.  I was first elected to the Metro Council in November of 2012
and was sworn into office in January 2013.  I was the first elected official to Louisville Metro Council to decline the public pension- on principle!

I previously worked more than 3 decades as a Trauma ICU Nurse at the University of Louisville Hospital. I have since shifted to starting my own business, Club K-9, an entertainment venue that caters to dogs and their people which nationally is becoming known as a one-of-a-kind premier facility. It serves a lifelong interest of mine – Dogs and their people. This past year I just recently received per the Kentucky Humane society the honor of a legislator of the year award by assisting in passing new legislation for the humane treatment of dogs and pets.

I have had the honor to serve on the Metro Council’s Budget, Parks, Public Safety, Health, and Appropriations committees
and hope to continue to be successful in increasing Metro’s investment in paving, parks and police.  I believe that there are two main functions of government-public safety and infrastructure. Those are priorities that should always come first.

I serve on the Metro Council to be a voice for prudent utilization of your tax dollars and not wasting your hard earned money. I support budgets and policies that will better protect our city, and legislation that is supportive of economic growth.

My second goal in serving is to assist District 18 in being one of the best Districts to live, work, and play in. Since my start on the Metro Council.  District improvements have included much work done at Des Pes and AB Sawyer Parks that include the first public pickle ball courts installed at Des Pres, tennis court refurbishing, a new pavilion, a refurbished walking path better lighting & more, a splash pad at Robsion Park. Improvements accomplished at AB Sawyer park were a new parking lot, concessions, playground & more. I have assisted with two other playgrounds in the district as well.

I have also assisted with the purchase of LMPD Division 8 workout facility to help our officers decompress. I have made it a
priority to address traffic and speeding concerns by purchasing several radar speed machines that are placed around the District. I have assisted with traffic synchronization to help folks get on their way, keeping our roads clean, assisting residents with flooding issues. road paving, and sidewalk connectivity. And these are only a few of my projects.

I organized the first major large-scale pop off drop off, the first one being at UofL Shelby campus, incorporating shredding, electronics, junk, drugs etc. and it was massive and much appreciated! Now it’s a regular public service throughout the city.


Public Safety, Infrastructure Repair, Fiscally Responsible Budgets, and District 18 Projects

“I believe the most important functions of government are public safety, infrastructure repair, and fiscally responsible budgets and I have spent my time at the Louisville Metro Council making those my top priority!  I hope to continue to serve as your representative so that we can see them through to completion!”

Marilyn Parker


  • Declined a legislative pension, saving Louisville Metro multiple thousands of dollars a year in contributions and future payouts, wanting to make it clear that  she would not use this position to make personal profit at the expense of taxpayers. This as well as her commitment to spending District discretionary funds almost exclusively on capital projects, shows that she plans to lead by example and not platitudes.
  • While serving on the budget committee, Parker has worked to reduce the size of Metro Government, seeking efficiencies and innovation first, rather than calling for large tax and fee increases


  • Consistently advocates for law enforcement and first responders for needed resources, to ensure that they have the needed resources and tools to do their very difficult jobs.
  • Worked to make sure that there was funding for recruit classes.
  • Helped lead the way for new Shotspotter technology.
  • Increased the allowance for newly sworn officers so purchase their firearms.
  • Helped lead the way in bringing ShotSpotter techn they would not have to self fund their own firearm.
  • Marilyn Parker is supportive of our suburban Fire Districts, supporting their actions and mission to protect the residents of District 18.


  • Since taking office has achieved the goal of increasing the paving allocation from $3 million to approximately $20 million annually.
  • Has used District 18 Discretionary funds almost exclusively for paving, sidewalk and park improvements. Refuses to use funding for give-a-ways and recurring expenses that don’t serve the needs of District 18.
  • Sought and funded a study of all Metro Streets to better rate, prioritize, and organize the cities paving needs, This study was completed a few years ago when it was determined that the city was $112 M behind in road repair, and this study  has been very helpful in guiding Metro in its allocation of funding for paving.


  • Has helped to push for a smaller more efficient Metro Government workforce. There are hundreds fewer employees in Metro Government today than when Marilyn Parker took office in 2013.
  • Marilyn Parker has supported tougher ethics laws and more oversight over Metro Government agencies and commissions. Parker has also worked to help diversify members on many boards and commissions,to be sure people of all backgrounds (race, sex, economic, geographic and political) have a seat at the table when discussing our communities future.
  • Helped lead efforts to stop the tripling of your insurance taxes and increase of tens of millions in other taxes and fees that have been proposed over the past five years. The passage of the past tax proposal would have cost residents of District 18 more than $200-$300 annually.
  • Worked in a bipartisan fashion to eliminate wasteful programs that failed to show results and failed to be transparent with taxpayer funds.


  • Improvements to Des Pres Park- Refurbished tennis courts, added the very popular pickle ball courts, soccer court, repaved the park roadway and worked diligently with Public works making sure that the grass gets mowed!
  • Renovated AB Sawyer Park- Several year process for reconfiguring the parking lot for safety, adding trees, benches, playground, pavilion, sidewalk to YMCA, and equipment for the concession.
  • Paving-Worked to get roadways paved and large heavily travelled roadways such as Dorsey Lane, Lyndon lane, and Dorsey Way as well as multiple neighborhood roads, done years ahead of schedule by prioritizing and adding D18 funds to make them happen and happen sooner.
  • Funded and worked with PW to get the right turn lane done to ease congestion on Lowe Rd and Taylorsville Rd.
  • Assisted with funding of a new handicap assessable playground at Bluegrass center for Autism, as well as the Alex Kennedy school playground.
  • Initiated and partnered with MSD for remediation assistance with flooding at Lowe Road, flooding at Lyndon Lakes, and silt removal from Sterling Springs.
  • Negotiated with the city of Lyndon for the splash park in Robsion park assisting other council districts to make that project financially happen.
  • Placed additional sidewalks along busy corridors such as Hurstbourne lane, Taylorsville Rd., Shelbyville Rd. and Dorsey Lane. Repaired sidewalks in the City of Lincolnshire, Owl Creek, Hurstbourne, Lynbrook neighborhoods, as well as multiple areas all over the District.

There are currently more projects in the works to assist with Quality of life in District 18!


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