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Caring for our Community

As your Ward representative, I am committed to total involvement in our community, by listening to residents, and working together to develop solutions.

Retirement Security – Our seniors have worked hard and deserve to live their golden years in safe and secure neighborhoods. I pledge to work with the Division of Aging Services to improve services to our seniors, such as a Senior Pairing program. This program will pair a senior with a college bound high school student, where the student will assist the senior and the student will fulfill their community service obligation, required for university entrance.

Affordable Day Care, After School Programs and Youth Summer Employment. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to secure these programs for our residents.

Housing is critical to residents of the Central Ward. The downtown area development created an issue of affordability, for the residents of our Ward. Currently, our Leaders have decided by a majority vote to embrace ‘Inclusionary Zoning” for the City of Newark. Although, “Inclusionary Zoning” is a great idea, it is my opinion, that “Inclusionary Zoning” as it was adopted by the Council does not truly addresses the affordable housing issues prevalent in our Ward and City, it merely puts a bandage on the matter. I have observed neighboring cities that are successfully developed, and I know that it will take amendments to the current “Inclusionary Zoning” ordnance to be truly successful. Success does not come overnight, and in spite of the challenges, we must work together, in order to be victorious, no matter how long and arduous the road may seem. We must work together to be victorious – “for without victory, there is no survival…” Let us work together for the survival of the Central Ward and the City of Newark!

Educational Opportunities

Our economic future depends heavily on an innovative and well-educated work force. We must be sure our children are prepared to compete for jobs not only in America; but globally, in the 21st Century and beyond. I have spent the past few years looking at the way we educate our children – the mechanisms, tools and curriculum. Increasing vocational and technical programs are on my agenda. As guardians of our future generation, we must work together to provide our youths with the tools they need to succeed –talented teachers, educated support staff, resources and programs.

Small Business Support

Small businesses and the men and women who sustain these employees are the engine that drives the local economy in our Ward. As your representative, I will work with organizations, such as Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation (GNEC), Newark Regional Business Partnership (NRBP), Enterprise Development Center (EDC) and Newark (CEDC) to foster and develop small business sustainability. Keeping in mind that the Central Ward is a viable corridor to several other Wards-Springfield Avenue, Central Avenue, Avon Avenue, Broad Street, Broadway/Bloomfield Avenue and all our Main Streets, are vital to supporting our economy, especially Business Improvement District (BID).

I will encourage our small business owners to encourage transparency and open communication with our community associations and residents. My goal as your councilperson is to foster a partnership that will benefit the residents of our Ward.

Jobs and the Economy

If elected, my goal is to make the Central Ward/Newark a place where every resident can be educated and employed. A place where parents and guardians can prepare our children to navigate this highly competitive job market, through education and with the determination to achieve.

I plan to initiate dialogue with the Mayor’s office, to explore the possibility of moving the City of Newark to an Economic Hub. The Central Ward, with its prime location, can serve as an epicenter for businesses wanting to avoid the high rents, imposed by other neighboring cities.

Major development projects are key to the long-term growth and benefits to the Central Ward and the city. These projects are more successful and sustainable, when communication and planning includes the residents of the Ward.

We must work together to secure jobs and grow our economy, in ways that will benefit our Ward.


Crime and Policing

The Newark Police department has made great strides in crime reduction, under the present administration, as stated by Director Anthony Ambrose, and we need to continue to reduce crime, in our city.

As your councilperson, I will work with the Mayor’s office and the Police department and present new ideas, so, we can work together to effectively continue to combat crime, in our city. I will continue to work to enhance the existing policing programs that are already in place, such as Community policing, Clergy support and Citizens support groups.  I will work diligently to present some of my ideas to the Mayor’s office, on proactive measures, to combat crime, in our city.

We are all aware of the issues that are plaguing our communities across the nation - “Racial Profiling, Police Brutality and killing of Unarmed Civilians.” We have to work together to protect our citizens and also protect the officers, who are paid to protect us! I will work tirelessly to keep the lines of communication open, between our police officers and our citizens. My goal is to work with the City Council, the Mayor’s office and the Police department, to restore public trust.

As we continue to improve the policing in our city, together we can continue to reduce crime. It is my belief that, the underling social issues that drive crime and violence, will improve, when our residents are thriving economically.

My goal is to educate our citizens. Create jobs. Build our communit Y . Protect our aging citizens and children.

Together we can secure a great Central Ward.

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